Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Papier Couture, Lia Griffith

Paper Couture is a collection of carefully sculpted dresses made primarily from paper. Combining artwork, photographs and text into paper prints, these innovative creations are a fusion of fashion, graphic design and fine art that exhibit Lia's passion for color and boundless imagination.

"My backround is graphic design and my love is fashion. Creating my own custom paperdolls was my favorite pastime as a child so to find a way to do it again later in life seems a natural progression.

The project began by printing an array of colorful photos overlayed with love poetry. The fun had just began. It was while creating this dress that I realized, "this is my art form". I was then inspired to create a collection of seven, the Venus Collection."

The Venus collection consist of seven dresses that celebrate the energies of the chakras and femenine archetypes. Remixing original artwork with typography and photography, Lia's dresses communicate a conceptual and visual depth, precision detailing and an explosive use of color.


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